Individual Rights about to be Sacrificed for a Fabricated Public Health Crisis

The NJ Senate is considering bill 2173 that will remove NJ’s Religious Exemption (RE) to school vaccinations. If this bill passes the Senate, it already passed the Assembly in December, it will be signed by Governor Murphy resulting in a law that will ban children who are not fully vaccinated from all NJ schools.

The idea of herd immunity is being used as rationale by Senate Democrats to strip parents of the right to decide what goes into their children’s bodies. The CDC states that herd immunity does not exist from vaccination, only some individual protection. Hence NJ’s appropriate, long-standing, and constitutionally based RE that allows for individual choice when it comes to individual health decisions that carry known risks.  

According to the CDC herd immunity can’t be obtained or doesn’t apply to most vaccines. For example: tetanus does not spread person to person; pertussis, diphtheria, mumps and most forms H. influenzae are carried and spread by the vaccinated; Hep B does not spread in the community setting; the flu shot is seasonal and ineffective (39.9% effective over the last 15 years). For more details on each mandated vaccine see

January 9th and 13th are final days for a vote. Please contact Senators Vin Gopal and Declan O’Scanlon, the only Republican in the state thinking of supporting S2173, to ask them to protect NJ’s RE and vote NO on S2173. Request that they do not sacrifice our constitutional rights for a public health crisis that doesn’t exist.