NJ Assembly Bill 4576 proposes annual forced flu vaccination for all students to reduce the number of children who experience severe flu and COVID symptoms and help reduce competition for medical resources such as ER and ICU visits.


Forced flu vaccination will not accomplish these goals. There is significant evidence showing that mandating annual flu shots will make matters worse because flu vaccination:

  • increases the risk of catching pre-COVID-19 corona viruses,
  • increases the chance children will get other respiratory illnesses,
  • increases hospitalization of children,
  • caused enhanced H1N1 illness,
  • hampers cross reactivity of t-cells (crucial to fighting COVID-19).

Let’s review some of the relevant literature.

Beyond these studies there are a couple of ongoing discussions within the scientific community worthy of note.

First, scientist are questioning if the flu shot could have made older people more vulnerable to COVID-19 and some have even complied some basic data.

Second, there is significant debate regarding the value of the flu shot in reducing hospitalizations or mortality among elderly personsin protecting healthy individuals, and if it should even be recommended for use.

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